My name is Rocio, I am now living on the Island of Bes, the Egyptian God, who was a cult object in many Mediterranean homes, through the centuries. SPRING on IBIZA - the ISLAND of the SCORPION

One day, round about the V11 century, the Cartaginians, brought him to Ibiza on their commercial journeys, in the form of small terracotta figures.....

God BES - God of the home and of fertility -, brought to Ibiza island by the Cartaginians, in the form of small terracotta figures to protect the children against dangerous animals

<< To protect the children.....
God of the home and of fertility, he gave protection against dangerous animals.
Bes is a minor masculine God in comparison with.....

Tanit, a very special goddess.
Tanit the Phoenicians Astarte whose image is reproduced in hundreds of exovots
donated by her followers and, found in the cave of Culleran, in the rough country area of Sa Cala of San Vicente, hidden in the mountains, more or less four or five kilometers from where I live. >>

Very special Goddess TANIT assimilation of Phoenician goddess Astarte, Lady of Ibiza, representation of mother Nature, goddess of life, fertility & the exaltation of love and later she evaluated into the goddess of war

I live in a little casita payesa, an old style Ibizencan house, to the north east of a village called San Carles de Peralta, in the municipal area of Santa Eulalia del Rio.
Although my village is situated in the interior, its only a small stroll to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island.


Ibiza Spring - the island is exuberantIbiza Spring - the island is an explosion of colors after the winter rainsIbiza Spring - walk to the beach to meditate, there is no one.....


I wake up with the cocks crowing.
The island is exuberant….
It has rained this winter and the countryside is an explosion of colours. Baby Orquids, Gladiolas, lilacs, Daises and Poppies….Rosemary, Lavender and Fennel…..whose fragrances drug your senses, with a mist of different perfumes dependant on where the breeze blows from.

As it is MY day, I am free to do what I want.
So, I begin to wander along a path between the beaches of S`Aigua Blanca and Es Figueral, which in twenty minutes takes me to the coast.
On my way, I find the Ibizencan houses, the dry stone walls, the rural architecture, carob bean trees, fig trees, olive trees, almond trees, vineyards and fruit trees.
I go through a tiny wood until I arrive at the beach of s’Aigua Blanca.
I go down, happy, zig - zagging to the beach.

It s early….no one there.
I think it’s the ideal moment to do a session of “Chi Kung, to charge my batteries.
When I finish I leave towards Es Figueral, where, some friends are waiting for me to spend the day together and to enjoy some free time and relax.

We will use the morning to look for some Punic archeological pieces which can be found all over the area.
After a long walk, we eventually arrive at Pou des LLeo, where we meet up with a few more friends to eat. Our meal consists of a tasty dish of grilled vegetables and meat cooked on a wood fired grill, accompanied of course, by the local wine( which goes well with the aromas and flavours of this earth).

Happy and, full, we stay on chatting, singing and playing the guitar.
With the warmth of both the conversation and the beauty.
The house where we are is on the top of a high hill. From there one can see, as they say, how Lorenzo goes to bed i.e. the sun goes down. and of course how Catalina gets up i.e. the moon rises.

So, before we all go home we can sit and live these magical moments. of the surroundings we unanimously decide to stay on until sunset to eke out a little bit more this rather special day.

By IBIZA GUIDE: Rocio Martinez Moya

Member of the A.P.I.T.I.F 
- Association of OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDES for Ibiza and Formentera


Ibiza walk to Punic archeological pieces that are found all over the areaWe wait quietly for an amazing sunset in IbizaWe watch how Lorenzo goes to bed i.e. - the sun goes down - and of course how Catalina gets up i.e. - the moon rises -


*1 In 1978 there was an astrological congress in San Antonio, at which it was decided that Ibiza is controlled
    under this Zodiacal sign. this sign is, very intense ,magical, mysterious, regenerative, seductive and sexual.

*2 The little figures of the Goddess Tanit are part of a private collection which was donated to the Arqueological 
     Museum of Puig des Molins, where they are on show. You will find over three hundred exvotos.

*3. Its windy, the sun is as red as a water melon.


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